What It Is Is is an audiovisual collaboration by Bruce Wallace and Rebecca Gibson
combining elements of live sound and painting with programming and technology.

Live performance at Old Hairdressers, Glasgow
Filmed by Graeme Watt and Ricki Thomson,
edited by Graeme Watt at 8 Acre Films

Sedna: The Woman Under The Sea (promorional trailer)
2015 - present
Collaboration with Glasgow based gamelan ensemble Naga Mas

Sedna has been an ongoing collaboration between What It Is Is and Gamelan Naga Mas, combining live digital art, guitar and synthesis with original music for Javanese gamelan to tell the folk story of Sedna. Sedna: The Woman Under The Sea has been performed by the group twice; at Campbell House in 2016, and at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in 2017 as part of a two-day Festival of Gamelan and the Moving Image.


Achtung The Goat

Priests Are Eggs

Rebecca has been involved in an ongoing (and as yet unnamed) collaboration with pianist and electronic musician, Maria Donohue, creating spaces to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration and improvisation.


  © Rebecca Gibson 2018